Barefoot Walk in the National Park

Barefoot walk in Latvia
Barefoot walk in Latvia
Barefoot walk in Latvia
Barefoot Walk in Latvia

Healthy walk along the only barefoot trail in the Baltics, including health ritual with drinking herb tea and soaking feet in infusion of local meadow plants. The length of the trail is 1379 meters.

The barefoot trail is situated in the National park of Latvia, 40 km drive from Riga. The park covers an area of 38 165 ha and qualifies as one of the two most valuable Natura 2000 sites in Latvia.
Before barefoot walk on the trail we offer to explore Kemeri National Park with our guide. For centuries, nature values of Kemeri National Park have been appreciated highly not only because of their beauty but also because of their amazing healing abilities. Fresh air of forests, white sandy beaches and mild maritime climate have returned strength and joy of living and movement to hundreds of thousands of people spending their time in the once so famous Kemeri resort. But the main and the most unique healing force of Kemeri National Park lies in the presence of sulfurous mineral waters and healing mud – true elixirs of health having been used for more than 200 years. Our tour will let you discover these treasures from all aspects - from the moment of their creation to their use in medicine nowadays.
The activity is available only in summer.

Price per person:
  • From 45,00 Euro

Price includes:
  • Barefoot walk with a special ritual
  • Transfers hotel - the barefoot trail - hotel with English/German speaking driver

  • Guide services

Please contact us to book Barefoot Walk in Latvia.