Exclusive Floating SPA

Exclusive floating SPA
Exclusive floating SPA
Exclusive floating SPA
Exclusive Floating SPA in Latvia

The SPA complex is the only floating health center in Latvia. It is located on the beautiful lake just 20 minutes drive from Riga Old Town. Here you can experience the unique procedures with pure beer, brewer’s grain and yeast. Also try a unique hot water oak tub, that has been immersed in the water, the only one in Latvia.

The exclusive floating SPA complex offers 4 hours long health procedures with the best Latvian specialists. The package includes 1,5 hour long Latvian sauna procedure with aroma therapy. In the sauna are used the healing semi-jewels Zadeitas, different therapeutic sauna brooms, samurai birching (vibration massage). After sauna are offered peeling procedures, massages and body masks with pure Latvian products rich with vitamins and minerals (brewer’s grain, beer yeast, pure beer, honey, clay and Baldone’s mud). The complex works only with Latvian produced, ecologically pure and certified products. There is offered to each customer an individual approach in all of the procedures. You will have a chance to enjoy unique (hot water) oak tub, that has been immersed in the water, the only one in Latvia. In between the procedures for the guests is offered a special restorative sauna tea with a honey and other delicacies, as well an opportunity to watch an informative film. The complex visit should give you a unique feelings, total relaxation, health and unforgettable experience.

Price per person:
  • 195 €

Price includes:
  • the sauna warm-up procedure
  • individual birching (of your choice)
  • peeling and scrub procedures (of your choice)
  • body mask (of your choice)
  • massage (of your choice)
  • bath in the tub (of your choice)
  • tea, honey, delicacies and the natural drinking water ''Baltezers''
  • an informative film about sauna procedures
  • a bathrobe, towel, sheet, slippers, sauna bolster and hat for the time of the procedures
  • a surprise souvenir at the end of the procedures
  • transfers your hotel in Riga - floating SPA complex - your hotel in Riga

Please contact us info@grandbaltics.com to book Exclusive Floating SPA in Latvia.