Reactive Jet Flight on L-39

Reactive Jet Flight on L-39
Reactive Jet Flight on L-39
Reactive Jet Flight on L-39
Reactive Jet Flight on L-39 in Latvia

We suggest you to take advantage of unique chance to feel yourself as a pilot of the military fighter jet aircraft. Aircraft L-39C is double-seat plane, therefore together with the pilot-instructor you can airborne in the sky and feel all sensations which are experienced by the pilot during performance of elements of aerobatics. Such flight becomes an unforgettable experience.

All actions for preparation and flight carrying out on L-39C in airport will take about 4 hours (including transfer times).
The preparatory stage for flight on L-39 airplane lasts about 40 minutes. The pilot will lead information discussion with you about the flight program, will be inspected by the doctor about a state of health. You will be told about planes L-39, manouevers of aerobatics which is planned to make, basic laws of aerodynamics and main aircraft systems. You will take a seat in a cabin of the second pilot and instructor will show the basic airplane instruments those meanings and function, will explain an operations procedure in any unpredictable situations.
All flight from the moment of take off until touchdown takes 10-30 minutes, depending on your preferred lengh of flight. During the flight almost all maneuevers of aerobatics will be shown you: flanks, bends, the turns, the turned flight, a loop, a bell and others. Level of admissible g-forces is coordinated by the pilot depends of condition and on the client's mood. You will be given the possibility to take aircraft control under supervision of the pilot!
After landing the memorable Certificate on flight fulfillment on L-39 will be handed over for you!

Price per person:
  • 1200,00 € per 10 min flight, 1700,00 € per 20 min flight, 2500,00 € per 30 min flight. Optional transfers hotel-airfield-hotel.

L-39C reactive jet flight guest feedback:

Hello Julia,
Our experience with the jetflight was beyond great! It was just perfect Thank You!
Alar, who is kind a robot :-) and is very hard to get exited (drives a Lamborghingi and has been looking for adrenaline and thrills all over the world) was just stunned and we managed to keep the secret until the last moment as well. We kept him without alcohol before the flight and he was just speechless and asked only still water almoust an hour after the event. They reached nearly 7G and did over 20 deathrolls with this jet :-) the pilot was also a perfect nutcake! Boys are looking defenately to go back next year. We reached our main goal and the flight was just that we needed once again! It was perfect setup for everything that followed on that unforgottable Friday night in Riga..... :-)

Thank You!
July 2010, Estonia

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