Latvia Exclusive Activities

Aerodium Flight
In Aerodium – the first vertical wind tunnel in the Eastern Europe – you break away from gravity and in the age of technologies allow your body to fly by itself.
Location: 50 km from Riga
Barefoot walk in Latvia
Barefoot Walk in the National Park
Healthy walk along the only barefoot trail in the Baltics, including health ritual with drinking herb tea and soaking feet in infusion of local meadow plants. The length of the trail is 1379 meters.
Location: 60 km from Riga
Bobsleigh Ride
In Latvia you have a unique chance to obtain an unforgettable experience on a 1420 m long bobsleigh track and reach the speed up to 100 km per hour by winter sledge.
Location: 50 km from Riga
Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping is organized from 43m high areal cable car. The beautiful landmark in National park over Gauja river makes this experience very special.
Location: 50 km from Riga
Cessna flight above Riga
Cessna Flight above Riga
Flight on a private small jet is not comparable with anything else - you will discover Riga from the birds heigh as never before.
Location: 30 km from Riga
Dog sledding in Latvian countryside
Dog Sledding in the Latvian Countryside
Dog sledding is adventurous winter activity for every age and for every Latvia visitor. After enjoying our beautiful capital, medieval castles, marvellous palaces - head to Latvian countryside and experience this outstanding activity!
Location: 40 km from Riga
Exclusive floating SPA
Exclusive Floating SPA
The SPA complex is the only floating health center in Latvia. It is located on the beautiful lake just 20 minutes drive from Riga Old Town. Here you can experience the unique procedures with pure beer, brewer’s grain and yeast. Also try a unique hot water oak tub, that has been immersed in the water, the only one in Latvia.
Location: Riga
Helicopter flight
Helicopter Flight above Marvellous Palaces and Castles
It will be a fantastic half-day experience - a helicopter flight from Riga to Rundale Palace on the way seeing Bauska Castle, Mezotne Castle, Kaucminde Manor and Jelgava Palace.
Location: Riga
Horse carriage tour
Horse Carriage Tour
Riga new and exclusive activity: an elegant horses, a polite carriage driver and especially beautiful carriage will bring you around Old Town for a pleasant moments. Highly recommended for romantic tours and honeymoons!
Location: Riga
Hot air balloon flight
Hot Air Balloon Flight
Human has always wanted to fly, and stating that it can be accomplished quite easily in Latvia would not be an overstatement. Get into a hot air balloon and see our beautiful, green country from a bird's eye view!
Location: various places in Latvia
Parachute jump with instructor
Tandem Skydiving
There is no greater sensation you can experience than to feel the thrill of free falling towards the earth at speeds of up to 190 km/hour.
Location: 230 km from Riga
Tandem Paragliding Flight above the Baltic Sea Coast‏
If you do not know how the earth looks like from a bird's flight, if you never heard the noise of the wind at an altitude of 10-450 meters, if you look for a romance and adventure, if you want to make a special gift for your friend or not standard corporate event - try it. Tandem Paragliding is service for you!
Location: Riga, outside of Riga
Reactive jet flight
Reactive Jet Flight
We suggest you to take advantage of unique chance to feel yourself as a pilot of the military fighter jet aircraft.
Location: 60 km from Riga
Taste of Black Balsam
Tasting of Riga Black Balsam
In 2010, Riga Black Balsam was declared the best brand in Latvia. Try the drink to better understand Latvia!
Location: Riga Old Town
Taste of Gotina sweets‏
Tasting of Gotina sweets‏
When Latvians are talking about the national identity of Latvia, nothing can feature it more precisely than a genuine "Gotina" (Little Cow) candy. We would like to give you an opportunity to discover traditions of Gotina.
Location: 80 km from Riga
Taste of Latvian Beer and Snacks‏‏
Tasting of Latvian Beer and Snacks‏
The tavern is located in the longest building of Old Riga. It stands out with its cosy old style atmosphere and live Latvian music, bagpipes, accordion, violin… Candle lights are the only lightning... In this house there have always lived soldiers so don`t be surprised if you hear steps or love whispers... To believe in it, stay till midnight!
Location: Riga Old Town
Taste of Valmiermuizas Beer
Tasting of Valmiermuizas Beer
If you are on route from Estonia to Latvia or heading to Sigulda or Cecis, Your Highness should happen to rest your horses down Valmiera way, we sincerely recommend stopping at Valmiermuiza, enjoying the hospitality of its landlords at your leisure and wetting your whistle with Valmiermuiza’s famous beer.
Location: 100 km from Riga
Yacht Cruise
Yacht Cruise
Day or sunset yacht cruise to the Baltic sea gates – leisurely, slow pastime in a jolly company, romance for two or outing for the whole family.
Location: Riga
YAK flight with aerobatic tricks
YAK Flight with Aerobatic Tricks
We are delighted to offer you one of the most extreme activities for the true adventurers - a flight on the Yak-52 with aerobatics figures under the control of the professional pilot.
Location: 230 km from Riga